Microwaves can be an essential part of daily life as an efficient and quick way of heating, cooking, and preparing foods. Commercial microwaves are used in a variety of environments ranging from the home to restaurants. Many companies have a large number of employees and when lunch time comes a reliable microwave bears most of the action. Whether you own a restaurant, a company, office, hotel, or a home the commercial microwave is a necessary component. There are a lot of brands, styles, and features to choose from and most of them are excellent candidates.

Commercial microwaves are built to withstand constant use and particular models are designed for specific purposes. They vary with respect to wattage or power, cooking time, and additional features. Some are made for general warming while others are for more demanding roles. Some are even designed primarily to steam foods quickly. Many commercial models are built with a stainless steel exterior to prevent rust and maintain a fresh appearance. This is definitely a plus because not only do you want your microwave to last but it is also to maintain that new look over the years. The settings vary from model to model. All have a self-set timer, yet many have specific buttons for various food items such as popcorn. Some even come with high tech cleaning systems to increase convenience.

First determine what you what role it will serve. Then, choose from a variety of features that will best support you or your company. Like always, reliability is the key. Amana, Sharp, and Panasonic are popular models with good reputations. Amana offers a wide selection ranging from a simplistic light duty model to a high powered 3000 watt heavy duty microwave. The Amana line is divided into three lines consisting in light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. Then the type of cooking and features distinguish between the models within each line. This is the outline that most brands follow. No matter what you choose a commercial microwave is the way to go.








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